How to Get More Leads for Your Business

The 1 Tool You Can Use To Generate 86%  More Leads For Your Business…


If you’re like me, you’re always looking for a better way to generate more leads for your business. After all, it’s new customers coming through the door that keep our businesses alive and ticking every single month!

We’ve tested hundreds of lead generation methods over the years and found that one in particular out performs all the others combined.

Most of our clients come to us first asking us to help them get “more traffic” to their website. They basically thought that having more potential prospects looking at their offer was the key to generating more leads for their business.

Now, having traffic is one of the two most important things you can do for lead generation but it’s actually the SECOND most important part of the “Lead Generation” equation.

The number one most important part of the equation is CONVERSIONS. Without conversions, all that traffic you are getting means absolutely nothing. In all honesty, you must have both if you are going to be successful.

You CAN buy traffic but you CAN’T buy conversion!

So this got us doing some serious homework about conversion techniques for our client websites and landing pages.

Everything you read talks about how video helps you keep the attention of your audience. After all, that’s our main goal right? Get the website visitor to hear our entire message and then take action when we tell them to.

So how exactly do we get a boring video to keep the attention of our potential customers? Don’t make it boring…. DUH!


Enter Whiteboard and Animated Video: Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you’ve probably seen one of these! In fact, I saw a national life insurance company using a “Whiteboard” video in a commercial just the other day!

You know, the ones where someone is drawing on a white board with a dry erase marker. Telling a really cool story through choice words and a compelling drawing! Come on, admit it….We all like to watch them! They are SUPER Hypnotizing!

PRWeb released an article that says Whiteboard Animation Video content is especially compelling because of the dwell rate of users that watch whiteboard animation videos. Users watching a 45 second whiteboard video are much more likely to watch the whole video compared to a power point video or interview video!

We understand that you only get one chance to make a first impression and get that viewer to pick up the phone and take action before they hit the back button and go to another website.

These videos take into account five very critical aspects that one should consider when making a lead generation video.

  1. The first critical item as mentioned earlier is the length of the video. Once you get over 45 seconds long, you start to lose the attention of your viewer, even with these really cool whiteboard videos. Each of our videos are around 40 seconds long which keeps us right in that sweet spot!
  2. The second item is an attention grabbing headline that addresses the immediate pain that the viewer is feeling. This in addition to the whiteboard style will make sure they continue watching the video.
  3. As with every lead generation tool, it’s critical that you have a clear call to action. You don’t want to leave it unclear as far as what you want the viewer to do. We address this twice in each video. (Pick Up The Phone, CALL NOW)…. SIMPLE…… CLEAR……EFFECTIVE.
  4. Every potential lead has a problem that needs to be solved. We address the problems that they are likely having and tell them how we are going to solve this for them. The cool animation in the video lets them connect emotionally with that problem and imagine us coming out to fix it! QUICK!
  5. As with anything else online, internet users are skeptical and hate to take risks. Especially when it comes to personal property like their house! We do our best to let them know there is absolutely no risk by calling. Not only that, we put it back on them to let them know they risk more by NOT calling us than they do if they just pick up the phone! SMART!

It’s when we started using Video in our business that everything changed and the leads started pouring in!

According to Market Week, having an optimized video increases the chance of that video getting to the top of the search engine results by 52x compared to any textual page. It’s no secret that Google loves to rank videos, especially those on YouTube.

Forrester noted that video appears in almost 70% of the top 100 search results in Google. So this strategy can’t be ignored.

I mentioned some statistics earlier but the experts are pretty unanimous on this fact. Having video on your page will increase your conversion rate 99% of the time.

Some experts report getting 86% more conversions when having video on their websites or landing pages!

So the question is… are you using video in your business right now to generate more leads?

If not, I think you could agree that it’s probably time to start doing that before you get left behind!

And remember, not just any old video is going to work for you in generating more phone calls for your business!

If you’d like to learn how we can help get a high impact, lead generating video made for your business at a rate that is ridiculously affordable, click this link and watch this short video!

Thank you for reading this short report on the number one way to generate 86% more leads for your business!

Please contact me if you have any questions you need answered!

Randy Bess


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